Wyatt Baldwin

Wyatt Baldwin

This page is a work in progress. For now, please see LinkedIn for the most up to date info.

Portland, OR • jobs@wyattbaldwin.com


Software Engineer (Contract) • Oregon Historical Society • 2 years

Analyst/Programmer • Portland State University • 3 years

Software Engineer • CartLogic • 1 year

Software Engineer • TriMet • 4 years

Web Developer (Freelance) • Ace Hotel • 4 months

IT/Desktop Support • Electrical Distributing, Inc • 9 months

Founder/Software Engineer • byCycle.org • 2.5 years

Computer Lab Assistant • University of Oregon • 4 years


Paper route, grocery bagger, fast food cook, dishwasher, residential concrete (foundations, driveways, sidewalks), construction helper (house framing), pizza delivery, bike messenger (briefly, in San Fransisco).


University of Oregon • BS Computer and Information Science


Python 2 & 3, Django, Django REST Framework, Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, RESTful web services, database schema design & SQL, ETL scripts, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Postgres full text search, Elasticsearch, Redis, object-oriented & functional programming, multi-threading/processing, npm, JavaScript/ES6, TypeScript, jQuery, RequireJS, Bootstrap, Angular, Angular Material, React, Redux, Svelte, ExtJS, responsive design, SCSS, Linux systems administration (RedHat and Debian variants), Nginx, Apache, mod_wsgi, uWSGI, Bash, DevOps, AWS, Ansible, Docker, Vagrant, Fabric, web mapping, GeoServer, OpenLayers, Leaflet, OpenStreetMap, git, vim, tmux, PyCharm, Eclipse.

I’ve also written programs in a variety of other programming languages, such as Go, Java, Perl, PHP, Ruby, and a bit of C/C++.