This is my Web site. There are many like it, but this one is mine…

Hi. I’m Wyatt. I’m a software engineer (AKA computer programmer). I live in Portland, Oregon.

Note: The part about TriMet is out of date.

Until recently, I was employed by TriMet as a software engineer (officially: systems analyst/programmer). I was hired as a Java developer but never put a single line of Java into production. Instead, I did my first project in Python (Pylons, SQLAlchemy, etc) and haven’t looked back. Since then, Python has become one of the primary languages in use at TriMet. It’s used for data crunching and shell scripts as well as Web applications and services.

I left TriMet on June 1st (of 2012) because I was ready to move on to something new. Also, I needed a vacation.

At one point, I was sort of Internet-famous due to a Web site called byCycle (pronounced bye-cycle, as in “get there by cycle”), which was a map-based, bicycle trip planner. I worked on it from the end of ’04 to mid-’07 (I still poke at it now and then, wondering if there’s a way to modernize and revive it) and learned a ton about technical and non-technical stuff during that period. byCycle wasn’t founded as a startup, but I ended up learning quite a bit about startups while working on it.

Outside of work, I like to be active and do a lot of outdoorsy stuff. Around town, I like to ride bikes and go for walks. Pedalpalooza is one of my favorite times of the year. Out of town, I like to hike and occasionally camp.

I also do the usual indoorsy stuff, like watch movies and read. I play drums and guitar, too, but I have no rock star aspirations.

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