Supervisor now supports Python 2.6

I’ve been using Supervisor for a few months now to manage some app servers at work. Good stuff; solid. My only gripe with it was that it didn’t run properly under Python 2.6[1,2]. I had to install Python 2.5 just to run Supervisor, which isn’t a super big deal but is kind of annoying. The latest release, 3.0a7, fixes this by including a “patched version of Medusa to allow Supervisor to run on Python 2.6.”

Note: I had to `wget` and easy_install that due to a network timeout[3]. I assume that’s because Supervisor is super popular and everyone’s upgrading.

[1] It did run under 2.6 but issued an error when starting up.
[2] This was due to changes in the Python 2.6 stdlib, not a problem with Supervisor itself.
[3] Suggestion: If possible, remove link from PyPI to so easy_install doesn’t get stuck there.